History Of VastuShastra


Vastushastra is ancient science. In India immense importance is given to the Dharma Vidya (Religion) and Addhyatma (Spirituality) for healthy living. Indian culture is 5000 years old. Once there were many great cultures in the history of world like Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Roman, and Chinese. Many of them are destroyed now. Among them only Chinese and Indian culture exist.

Indians invented Vedant Jyotish (Astrology). There are many mathematical calculations in Jyotish (Astrology). Indians mastered the study of the motions and relative positions of the planets, sun, and moon, interpreted in terms of human characteristics and activities. They also invented number “0”.

Concept of Vastushastra is based on Solar system. Sunlight and its radiance consists Ultra Violet and Infra Red Rays. Seven colors forms Rainbow in which Violet means Ultra Violet and Red means Infra Red, Rest all colors are visible in between these two. Because of these colors, each direction has its own importance.

Major elements of Vastushastra are found in various Puranas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures). “Vaastu Padvinyas” is the base of Vastushastra.

Western scientists did not mention anything about colors like their features, they only named them. But in Indian Vastushastra these seven colors have various names and their own deity. Sun is riding a Chariot which has seven horses (Ashwa). These seven horses (Ashwa) symbolize deities of Power. Seven colors are also called Parjanya, Kashyap, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Bhrush and Nabhat.

Indian Rushi’s named colors as per the time they are streamed in the climate or the way they are visible. These colors indicate there own power at specific time and effects that they create. They are as follows

  1. Kanchansam (golden)
  2. Sphatik Nirmal (Crystal clear)
  3. Indraneel
  4. Vaidurya
  5. Padmarag
  6. Vajrak
  7. Sarva ratnabhya or Brahmtej

This universe is made of Panch Mahabhut (five elements) Pruthvi (Earth), Aap (Water), Tej (Light), and Vaayu (Wind) Aakash (sky). Human body is form of this Panch Mahabhut (five elements). They are also useful for working places and houses. As soil and water is required for building a house, to keep it well ventilated doors and windows should be in appropriate direction. Light is required for cooking food, and removing darkness of the house. If the human body and nature are blended together as per Panch Mahabhut (five elements) human life can be happy and prosperous. Similarly any imbalance can cause disturbance in life. There is a natural invisible power present among human life, his residence, workplace and environment surrounding it. This power has the strength to keep man content or throw him in the depression. He blames fate, family and society for it. But if we apply experienced and powerful Vastushastra it can give good results on human body, wealth and surrounding.

Vastushastra means designing home according natural elements. Vastushastra has twenty five authors 1. Bhrug, 2. Atri, 3. Vasishth, 4. Vishwakarma, 5. May, 6. Narad, 7. Nagnajeet, 8. Vishalaksh, 9. Purandar, 10. Brahma, 11. Kumar, 12. Naadish, 13. Shaunak, 14. Garg, 15. Vaasudev, 16. Aniruddh, 17. Shukra, 18. Bruhaspati, 19. Manu, 20. Parashay, 21. Kashyap, 22. Bharadwaj, 23. Pralhad, 24. Agstya, 25. Markandeya. Vastushastra information can be found in the books of these authors.

From the times of Veda, Indian rushis and scholars studied and did lots of research on Vastushastra. Nine among eighteen Puranas have Vastushastra information.  Mahabharata also has references of Vastushastra.

Even if we design our house 200 % according Vastushastra, man cannot escape sufferings. But if house is designed as per Vastushastra we can definitely get power to face problems and sufferings.  For example if we have low vision in the eyes we use spectacles. God has gifted us our body which is our house. In body all the organs have their own specific location. Similarly according to Vastushastra it is important to have all the things in Vastu at specific location.

Vastushastra is based on Panch Mahabhut (five elements). If we plant a tree inside house and outside house, it is noticed that the tree which is outside grows, but tree inside house stop growing because it was away from Panch Mahabhute (five elements). If it affects live plants then human body can also get affected, but unlike plant we are not steady so we cannot feel it.

In today’s world, shortcuts are searched for success, Vastushastra is no exception to it. Because there are many crash courses available on Vastushastra in the market. Advertising through various channels of media to become Vastu expert is a new trend. Common man easily gets trapped in these attractive offers.

Vastushastra, Pyramid shastra, Gemology, Yantra-Mantra are so vast that no-one can get expertise in 2-3 days. Person who do such crash courses cannot analyze Vastu correctly and give resolution. They only play with the sentiments of people and degrading Vastushstra. This creates disbelief about Vastushastra in the mind of common man.