The Pujas are done since ancient Vedic times to achieve purity of mind and to focus on the divine the Supreme Being or Brahman. By this, it has been experienced that the negatives in one’s life due to the cause of planetary positions gets reduced and the positive in one’s life is increased.

Havan and pooja are a basic part of our life since ancient times various Havan and Pooja are done to achieve Peace of mind, Purity of mind, Purify our Home, to focus on God, to reduce or remove negativity from our lives.

We follow strict Rituals while performing Havan or Pooja.

Following are the various type of Pooja and Havan we perform.

  • Pujas for Happy Marriage
  • Planet (Grah) Pujas
  • Pujas for Successful Career
  • Pujas for good Health
  • Pujas for Money & Business
  • Pujas for Over All Upliftment
  • Pujas to Get Rid Of Evil Effects
  • Pujas for High Education
  • Pujas for Child related Problems
  • Deity Pujas
  • Special Pujas