Vastu And Relationship

Vastu (where we live) influences physical, mental and financial health in sm_relationship-2various ways. Imbalance in any of these healths causes problems in relations of the owner of the vastu. It can give positive and negative effect as well.

Firstly lets think about husband and wife relationship. If bed is at north west or south center then their relation will be very formal with each other. They will communicate only about financial issues.

If the couple has bed at south east it can have affect on their health. Obviously there physical relations are not good. And will have many disputes as well. Couple should sleep at south west. It will improve their relationship. As south west is direction of earth element (Bhu Tatva). Which is good for sleep. This part is known “Shrungar Shala” in Vedas.

Now let’s think about Child and Parent relation. Once I visited a Vastu where children were very disobedient. They awed their parents. What I observed that Children room was at south west. And Parents room was at south east. Actually owner of the house should have south west room. The Person who stays, sleeps and sits at south west corner rules the house. I suggested this to do so and they started sleeping at south west and their children started sleeping at south east bedroom. After that there disputes ended and relations was improved.

People who have Vastu dosh at south west corner or have door at south west did not have good relations with their neighbors. Also have relationship problems. This reminds me a funny incident. Once I was doing Vastu parikshan of a bungalow in Nagpur. I observed there was a cut at south west direction of that bungalow. There were other bungalows surrounding it. The person whom I visited was having dispute with their neighbors. One of the neighbors lodged complaint in the Police against him for a silly reason.

Relationship – Case Study

In the city of Thane I visited a vastu where there was kitchen at North-West vastu-for-relationshipsand cut at middle of the South. A highly educated couple was living there. The lady was working in reputed firm on a higher designation. She was MBA graduate and husband was Sofware Professional. Before marriage they were composed natured. Their marriage was fixed by their parents. Obivously match horoscope then got married.

But after marriage they started fighting. Their fights become frequent. They stopped talking with each other. This became habit. It was causing infertility.

How could a couple who fights daily and do not talk with each other can get physically involved with each other? Many people live there life with knowing actual cause behind their problem. We see many examples like this around us daily. But with the help of vastu shastra we can fix this problem.

After applying remedies suggested by me both of them become affirmative. Their relation with each other got healthier. And today they have beautiful daughter.

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