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Vastu Shastra is ancient science, it is preferable to study Vastu for Home as a home is the most important part of our lives. In India, immense importance is given to the Dharma Vidya (Religion) and Addhyatma (Spirituality) for healthy living. Indian culture is 5000 years old. Once there were many great cultures in the history of the world like Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Roman, and Chinese. Many of them are destroyed now. Among them, only Chinese and Indian culture exist.


Concept of Vastu Shastra is based on Solar system. Sunlight and its radiance consists of Ultra Violet and Infra Red Rays. Seven colors form Rainbow in which Violet means Ultra Violet and Red means Infra Red, Rest all colors are visible in between these two. Because of these colors, each direction has its own importance.


From the times of Veda, Indian rushis and scholars studied and did lots of research on Vastu Shastra. Nine among eighteen Puranas have Vastu Shastra information. Mahabharata also has references to Vastu Shastra.

The living room is the most important part of the house which is widely used for socializing and for private time with your family. Since this room serves dual purpose, therefore it is very important to keep the Vastu of your Living Room perfect.


  • The main door of the living room should be preferably in Ishanya or in North.
  • Ideally this door should in the best suitable Vastu direction.
  • The head of the family should normally sit in south west corner of the living room facing either east or north direction.
  • Heavy furniture life sofa, cupboards, wall units etc.  should be placed in west or south side.
  • If you want to place the photo of your deity, then it should in north east corner for good results.
  • The sitting arrangement should be made in such a way that people sitting should not be facing south direction.

Bedroom is the most important part of the home as each person spends at least 6 to 9 hours in this room depending upon his/her sleeping habit, if the bedroom is in perfect Vastu then you will enjoy the real sensual life without any disturbance and mental tensions.


  • If the pooja room is in Ishanya-Corner [ North east] of the bedroom, then it is better to cover the Gods with cloth at night.
  • South-West corner is the most productive corner of the bedroom,The couple sleeping in this corner enjoys healthy physical and mental relationship.
  • Children should ideally sleep in North-West corner, Kids sleeping here becomes smart and healthy.
  • Children should not sleep in South-West corner, as there are chances of becoming headstrong and boastful.
  • Elderly person should sleep in North-East corner as this is the breathing point of house and most recommended for a healthy life.
  • Guest should not sleep in South-West corner as it may increase their stay and their influence on family and home will increase and they become demanding.
  • South-East corner is best for servants to sleep because there is agni tatva and the servant sleeping there will be very active,obedient and loyal.

Kitchen is the place where Fire is generated and thus lot of gases are produced and when these gases react with Panch Mahabhuta’s  then Vastu dosha is created.


  • ईशान्य कॉर्नर (North-East Corner) North-East is the place of God and of santaan laxmi. If the fire is lit in this place then it affects the children.
  • पूर्व मध्य (East Middle) If the kitchen is in East-Middle [Purab] then the ladies of the house are mostly involved in fights and arguments & Family may suffer from Body ache, blood pressure and diabetes.
  • दक्षिण (South) If the kitchen is in South, Mangal graha holds the middle of Dakshina direction, If the lady while cooking is facing dakshina then she keeps remembering the past and this may lead to fights and arguments.
  • नैऋत्य (South-West Corner) If the woman who is cooking faces South-West, then she is always worrying and she loses culinary skills and ultimately loses interest in cooking.
  • पश्चिम (West) While woman cooking is she faces West-Corner she has chances of developing thyroid or throat problems. These women are restless and argumentative.
  • वायव्य (North-West Corner) If the kitchen is in the North-West corner Anything kept in this corner is used up quickly thereby the need is more and usage is more, these kitchens are prone to accidents.
  • उत्तर (North) Uttar is influenced by Buddha, if the woman is cooking facing this direction, then she is influenced by Buddha, they are intelligent, sharp and have great memory.

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