Vastu Shastra For Business / Vastu Shastra Consultation For Business

There are many kinds of business and shops as per that business. There are different kinds of shops i.e. grocery, stationery, hardware, cutlery, garment, Beauty Parlor, Jewelers, Novelty, Electronics, furniture, sweets, tailoring, Vegetables, A studio, Estate Agency, Foot ware, or retail shop. As per Vastu shastra every business has influence of specific factor of Panch Mahabhute. So shop will be complete if it is designed as per Vastu shastra. That also causes business growth. It also helps smooth transaction. It helps to attract customers, to satisfy customer fully, to minimize the loss.


Every business has influence of specific factor of Panch Mahabhute on it. The direction where this Tatva (Factor) is present should be the direction of entrance door of the shop.

All business should follow the following main door concept for perfect Vastu.


  • North-East door is believed to be beneficial for all the businesses. Especially for garment, paper, education, food, sweets, chemist, hotels.
  • Door at South-East is beneficial for business like Air-conditioning, computer, power inverters, industrial factories, hotels, petrol pumps, beauty parlors.
  • Door at South-West is beneficial for luxurious businesses, Precious and valuable things, ladies garments, cosmetics, jewelry shop, permit rooms, beer shop, cake shop, coal, tyres, metal, marble, granite.
  • Door at North-West is beneficial for various types of businesses like Perfumes and Fragrances, Telecommunication.

Even if there are different forms of businesses, but few fundamental factors for vastu shastra remains same.


  • Entrance of shop should be one of the five auspicious entrance doors. They are north, north east, east, and south east, North West. South west direction door is beneficial for all kind of businesses.
  • Mandir in the shop, water storage, light and small objects or arrangement of these things should be placed in the north to east part of the place.
  • Heavy material should be kept at south west direction.
  • Owners sitting arrangements should also be at south west direction.
  • Lockers or Money storage should be kept in the manner that there it should open at North East or East direction.
  • It is beneficial to display products or advertisement at North West direction.
  • The products which owner wants to sell in large quantity or products which are not been sold for long duration should be kept North West direction.
  • Most valuable or precious objects or things should be kept at south direction.

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