Vastu for Cuts & Impacts

Everyone knows that Panch Mahabhutas affect earth. The Panch Mahabutas control our body. If this balance is disturbed then diseases strike us. For eg: if we have more cough then there may be increase in temperature or we may suffer from cold. These problems are created due to effect of water and air. Acidity is created due to access air. Same way in our vastu, Through 10 directions Mahabhutas generate affect in balanced way. If there is a cut, then the balance is disturbed and vastu is affected.

If a part of vastu is cut then what happens?

वायव्य कॉर्नर  Northwest Corner

Here if the vastu affect is imbalanced, then,  It can impact the mental balance. Mental strain and stress can start. Due to this stress, the tendency to get suicidal may occur. People may get affected with Sleeping disorders. Vayu/air related illness can happen. Eg: Acidity, indigestion. Travel gets affected. Unity in house is affected. The power to take decisions is affected. Back, spine related problems may occur.

Ishanya corner: If this is increased, the flow of money is increased. Social status is increased. There is promotion in job. Children do well in studies. But if the corner is cut, then there are lot of problems. Ishanya corner is the nose of the vastu and it breathes from here. This direction is that of water. Here Guru is strong. If this is cut then the Gods blessings are reduced. Because of this the owner may face inhuman difficulties. Children’s studies may get affected, or their progress and growth is affected. Since this is water related corner, water borne diseases may occur. Eg: cholera, jaundices, skin diseases, dysentery, eye diseases. Children’s illnesses etc. if the owner is into business, then, he will find it difficult to settle and establish the business. He suffers from regular financial problems. And if Nairutya corner has vastu dosh, then there are lot of sufferings.

अग्नेय कॉर्नर Southeast corner

As mentioned earlier, if ishanya corner is increased the Agneya corner gets cut. Women’s illness and ill health increases. Females may suffer from cancer. They may get influenced by improper habits. Delay in marriage, broken marriage offers, pregnancy related problems, childlessness etc are possible. The couple of the house may indulge in fights. This is the place of Shukra gruha [Jupiter] and the people look for physical happiness. Bad thinking persists. Divorces are possible. Physical wellbeing is affected. If there is vastu dosh in nairutya corner then there are fights and disturbances in marriage and relationship. Shukra related sex diseases like HIV, AIDS can happen. Fear of fire increases. In houses and buildings most of the fire problems happen due to this. Children may be involved in bad activities. Diseases due to heat can happen. Eg: skin diseases, stomach ulcer, Fever.

नैऋत्य कॉर्नर Southwest corner

This is the corner of Prithvi tatva. This corner is ruled by Rahu & Ketu. If this corner increases or is cut, then, balance of the house is disturbed. This corner represents the part of the body below the waist. This corner crosses the axis of North Pole. Nairutya corner has gravitational pull. Unnatural energy gets created here. And this impacts the Vastu. The mental balance of the people of the house is affected. Criminal thoughts take over. People have negative & criminal tendencies. Arguments take place. People are involved in court cases, legal issues and matters are involved. Diseases affecting the lower body below waste occur. Urinary problems are also faced by the people. In such Vastu people feel[Hallucinate] that someone is knocking on the door. It is observed that such places are affected by super natural things.

West: If there is cut in the middle of west direction, Shani’s affect increases. The influence of ladies is increased. Money doesn’t stay. Delay in work. People suffer from diseases which makes them bed ridden. Owner of such house doesn’t spend much time in the house

North: If there is a cut in north direction then it affects the finances of the house. Its very difficult to earn money. Brain related illnesses occur. Eg: paralysis, migrane, brain stroke, brain tumour are possible. People of housed may suffer from debts. It becomes difficult to get a solution to the problems of life.

East: East is the direction of power of Sun. If there is cut in the middle, then its very difficukt to get respect in society. ill fame is possible. Heat or excess pressure related illnesses are possible. Eg: BP, Dibetes are possible.

South: If there is cut in the middle then Agneya cut or nairutya cut doshas are visible. This is place of Yama and Mangal. Due to this influence, accidents, operations are possible. Mangal is planet of heat and therefore the heat increases.

Cuts and Impacts-Case Study

There was a joint family in Kolhapur. Two sons were living with their parents.cuts-and-impacts

The family was having a spacious, lavish and a bunglow equipped with advance amenities. All the family members have their individual room. This family was financially very well off. After marriage their two sons decided to get separated from this house. There was no reason to get separate from the house.

But the bunglow has cuts at four corners. There was kitchen at middle of the East, Bathroom at North West. As a result few incidents took place even after their separation which made them infamous in the society.

I corrected vastu doshas their relations become healthy with each other. Problems decrease. Sons also returned home.