Palmistry has been in use since more than 5000 years. Rishi Valmiki, Mahrashi Vyas, Parasher Rishi, Samdrain, Bhrugu, Kashyap, Atri, Galv, Goutam, Garg, Narad, Sumant  have written in details about palmistry. Some of these rishis have even written specific books on palmistry.

It is said that Hand is the mirror of your character, your life. You can look at someone’s hand and identify the person’s character.  In earlier days people were not that literate and did not really have concept of noting down time and date of birth. It always used to be associated with some festival and event of the day. Palmistry helped people as a guide. Palmistry was also used for predictions. Even Akbar had Palmists in his court. Hitler is said have at least three palmists in his team to consult on war strategies.

Looking at the palm, it can be predicted when the person will get married, how many children will be born. A person’s state of mind can be identified. Palmistry can predict if any mishap is going to befall on you. Almost all aspects of life can be identified through palmistry same way as in horoscope

Indian Palmistry can be extremely useful for discovering one’s nature, aptitudes, and hidden potential, marriage compatibility and related information, career information, and forecasting of any dangers that might come in way.

The main lines which are read and examined in Indian Palmistry include lines of father, mother, brother, sister, marriage, enemy, fame, vehicle, education, life, and many others.

If you want your palm to be read, please scan your right hand palm and send us the scanned image. We will evaluate and get it in touch with you with the report.