We at Vastu doctor satisfy our clients predicting considering Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Spiritual Aspects and Numerology. Believing in studying one’s aspect like just Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Spiritual or Numerology cannot accurately predict or read ones fortune minutely. For perfection, one has to consider all the above-mentioned aspects. So we are mentioning below some numerological study which is only based on general aspects of Date of birth or the Day/ Date of which you are born (i.e. just single-digit Date of birth number) for example if you are born on 17th of August 1957 then just consider 17th the birth date. Convert it into single digit i.e. 1+ 7 = 08, then your number is 8 (eight).

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Birthdate, birth month and birth year all includes in Bhagyank.

Bhagyank is calculated as per following method.

For example if a person is born on 29/12/1967 then following is the method of calculating Bhagyank.

Birth date: 29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2

Birth Month: 12, 1+2=3

Birth Year: 1967, 1+9+6+7=23, 2+3=5


Two digit numbers 10 is called Praptank. Unlike Mulanka Bhagyank is also one digit number. Bhagyank is from 1 to 9 numbers. Sum of 10 (1+0=1). Number one is Bhagyank of that person.

What Your Bhagyank Tell About You ?

The person who has Bhagyank 1 can be a very proud, independent and aggressive. They have a strong decision power. They do not change their decision at any cost. They chase their aims or goals without any hazard. They are not ashamed of anything, they are fearless and without bashfulness. They have power to impress anyone and get their work done.

While behaving with others Bhagyank 1 persons are judgmental, compassionate, and generous. They cannot forget their disrespect. They always stay away from bad addictions and demerits. They do not have any kind of addiction where they have to spend money in bulk. Due to their straight forwardness, high intelligence and renowned personality they do not face any problem in life. They are interested in music, dance and literature.

People who have Bhagyank 2 are humble, gracious and gentleman. They can face anything with help of their boldness and courage. They have virtue of a good speaker. They can impress people by their style of speech. They become popular because of their logical and impressive thinking.

They are good natured, lovable and composed person. They cannot be harsh. Their children take disadvantage of this nature and can fool them in money matters. They are unable to take big responsibilities. They are incautious. They do not take stress of any worry on them. In fact wife and children take their responsibilities.

Bhagyank two People live two different lives social and personal. They are impulsive in personal life. They are happy when they are allowed to do the work which they want. They can give courage to the people who are less fortunate and suffering from pain. They should not do business, they should do job. If someone criticizes their work they get disappointed. They like their peace than wealth. They do not work for fame. They do not get into social work and if they start doing social work they will do it perfectly. As they are conscious nature they cannot hurt anyone.

Those who have Bhagyank 3 are simple nature persons. They are always happy, pleasant. They do not have any kind of worries. Their face is always pleasant. They are highly ambitious. Their fortune never favors them. Very few people of Bhagyank 3 can fulfill their ambitions. They have to struggle to live their life. Even if they are composed persons they don’t like to do their work calmly. They like change and high speed in their work. They work is based on facts. They like to go into the depth of the subject.

They have great skill of molding themselves into a condition, persons and incidents. Their decisions are accurate. They did not think about death or worry about future. They look at Past, Present and future with same perspective. They do not like injustice. They do not face health issues. In the old age they face problem of indigestion. Old persons who have their Bhagyank 3 can guide and advice people on the basis of their experience. They are calm and compose in any situation of life. They can be a good judge in two party disputes. They can even attract their enemies due to their charming personality. Enemies also take their decision humbly.

Bhagyank 4 is symbol of Peace. They do not like show off. They have lack of respect and hospitability. They speak freely in a personal visit. But they do not like to speak or attend meetings and conferences. They follow customs. They can face many problems due to lack of guidance. Depression reduces their speed.

Sometimes they waste their money, power and sweat. Work which they plan in advance also fails. It’s their nature to invest money in pointless work. They are always alert about their financial transactions. They are straight forward while doing financial transactions. They can diagnose their future. Decisions taken by them are accurate. They do not like mess and indiscipline. There is always shortage of money in their monthly budget. They never have balance money.

People who have Bhagyank 4 have simple standard of living. They do not criticize showy lifestyle of other people. But did not change own simple lifestyle.

Those who have Bhagyank 5 they think that they have all the knowledge of world. But they do not make efforts to gain that much knowledge. They can become writer, poem. They do not have to take that many efforts to become writer and poem. There financial condition is always good. They ambition to make is high, so if they make big money still they do not satisfy. They always think about making money that creates worries in their life. It affects their health and they fall sick. Small kids who have Bhagyank 5 are very curious. They can hide any secret easily. Their enemies cheat them. They don’t like to live one place or do the same job continuously. They are very sentimental and faithful people. Simple nature and self-sacrificing nature is feature of their nature. If anyone criticize them for this they become sad. They think helping anyone is their religion. This people are generous, philanthropic and kind hearted.

Male female of Bhagyank 5 are innocent, compassionate, clean minded. Few people of Bhagyank 5 have to be dependant of someone in their life. Sometimes they do not have any option then but they could not maintain enthusiasm till the end. Due to depression they discontinue their work it becomes their nature to be dependent on someone. This people start their work with great enthusiasm. Their family life is not happy. In their married life they do not trust their spouse. That makes their married life difficult. They like to travel, travelling is there hobby. They can make their career in travel industry or they can be a successful travel agent. They are highly ambitious people so they cannot be happy with small projects, few money, and low level designation in job.

Those who have Bhagyank 6 are popular in their family and friends. They are respected personality in their partners and colleague. They like justice. They are happy to see others happy. They are philanthropic and aggressive in giving people opportunities. They are not selfish. Social service is their aim. Their thinking behavior and worker is related with social service. Selfless social service makes them popular. Small kids who have Bhagyank 6 are shy and contracted. They did not get any fame even if they are good educational studies.

Their decisions are depend on sentiments than logical or rational thinking. There are fearless. Because of their spendthrift nature they cannot save money. They have speed and aptness in their work but they have lot of haste. They take their decisions hastily. Due to that many times they have to regret in their life. They have strength to complete their responsibilities. They have skill of making an unfamiliar person their friend.

They can be successful in interior designing, hotel, theatre, cosmetics, silver and gold, gems etc industry. They have immense observing power from childhood. They can easily win discussion and debates.

Those who have Bhagyank 7 are the people who live in the dreams. They trust everyone and if anyone breaks their trust they get depress easily. Their all behavior is depends on their moods.7 Bhagyank people are born generous, adventurous and fearless.

They will consider favorable conditions, what people will think while starting any new project. They will start the project which will give them sure shot success. If they take their decisions without trusting anyone their all decisions are accurate.

They are the most careful and alert among all Bhagyank. They are concern about future than present. Friends are not useful for them for people who have Bhagyank 7.

They do not like to leave their work incomplete. They think it is disrespect to leave work incomplete in between. They get settle in their life between 32 to 40 ages. Diseases related to stomach can be occurs in the middle age. Their life is complete only if they keep their worries aside. They get everything in life wealth, vehicle, offspring, own house. They can make their future in banking, transportation, horticultural and teaching profession. They do not like to socialize or communicate with people. Due to their alertness they cannot experience wholesome happiness.

Those who have Bhagyank 8 do not take big responsibilities. They do not take risky works or take risks in life. They have their acute desire to be successful in their life. They do not like to work slowly. They wish to finish their work fast. They cannot keep anything secret or undercover. They cannot see anyone climbing steps of success. If they have nothing to do they just pretend to be too busy doing something. They cannot be polite even if they decide to be. They are always eager to have respect, mastership, prestige. They always try to control others.

Small kids who have Bhagyank 8 are enthusiastic to learn everything. They have tremendous grasping power. Idealism never touches them. They are very diplomatic and cannot think of anything except enjoyment in life. Due to their nature they have to face defeat and regret many times in the life. But they never get disappointed because of it. They never step back by fearing defeat. They get ready to conquer victory with courage. They can make their future in insurance and minerals.

Those who have 9 Bhagyank have materialistic point of view in their life. They like luxuries and beauty. A male who has Bhagyank 9 is a lovable husband, friendly father and an ideal family head. They are also obedient son and devoted wife. They can do hardest things on incredible courage and powerful will power. They think logically but it is difficult for them to overcome their anger. Success they achieve in their life is symbol of their struggle. They follow rules and are very discipline in their life. Their economical condition makes progress gradually. If they have started a project they will complete it. They have good judgment or decision power.

After crossing their 50 they can have blood pressure and heart problems. They can make their fortune in machine related businesses, manager or research work. Gold gets its shine after heating it similarly these people who have Bhagyank 9 have a sharp personality due to their struggle they made to take education. Due to their disciplined and short tempered nature they did not get cooperation from family members.