Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which dosha’s are involved in influencing the marital discord ?

I would like to inform you that every direction can play a role in the relationship between husband and wife. For eg, if the kitchen is in north, then the lady cooking in that corner becomes very alert and has great memory power and keeps gathering knowledge through various sources. Thus when she has to interact with her husband, she becomes dominant because of knowledge and intelligence. Thus the woman start behaving superior and husband gets neglected and Ego issues crop up. This strains the relationship.

If the couple is sleeping in Agney direction, which is a place of heat, there is restlessness and diseases like acidity etc crop up. Thus their physical relationship is strained and may lead to fights and discomfort in the house.

There are so many problems related to vastu dosha which can cause strained relationships. If you have any specific issue or problem, please email us or call to get accurate identification and remedy.

Can Vastu Dosh affect Mental health ?

Yes, because of vastu dosh financial, physical and mental problems are created. Generally people are not aware of this or even after knowing people do not pay attention to this. I would like to inform them that if you are feeling such symptoms, then there maybe problems in the Vastu of your home and you should consult a Vastu professional.  These Dosha’s can affect you and also future generations.

If you have kitchen [Fire] in the Vayavya corner or there is physical cut  or you have a WC there, then u will encounter above mentioned problems. And if alognwith this, there is dosh in agneya corner, then Ladies of the house may suffer from this symptons.

If alongwith Vayavya, Ishanya corner is also affected, then the children suffer from mental problems, like slow learning etc

Eg: I recently saw in Surat that Kitchen stove was in ishanya and there was a physical cut in vayavya, though the child was very brilliant but in 12th he got very less marks and he went into depression and ended up committing suicide by jumping from terrace.

Now a days there are lot of cases of Divorces and extra marital affairs. Can Vastu dosh be responsible for this ?

This is a very pertinent question, I am glad u asked. When people come to my office to consult on jyotish, most of the cases are about similar problems and about 40% of my vastu inspection visits result in similar issue findings. My personal view is that Agneya corner is the biggest reason behind this problem. In lot of buildings, agneya corner is cut and lot of people who do not have knowledge or awareness of Vastu Shastra knowing that agneya corner is cut but still go ahead and place kitchen stove there which is actually in the middle of east since he corner is cut. And this lead doshas.

Normally people know that Kitchen shud be in East but every direction has 3 parts – two end points and one middle. If Agneya corner has WC, Bathroom, Underground water tank, sewage tank, hand pump, bore well, flowing water [gutter, nullah], then Vastu Dosha is created. Agneya belongs to Shukra which represent beauty and sexual arousement and the people are affected with these habits and inmates may end up having physical relationship outside of house.  Similar problems can be face if the main door is in agneya corner.

EG: In one of the cities of Maharashtra, I did an inspection and found out that the earlier owner of the bungalow had to sell it due to bad reputation. Due to +ve Vastu, He was able to earn lot of money but due to some –ve vastu he went into bad habits and lost money and standing in the society. When the new owner called me for inspection, we identified these things and suggested remedy before he could start living there. Today the new owner is happily living there after the corrections were made.

What is the meaning of Vastu Dosh? And how to identify them ?

Vsatu is made  up of  Panch Mahabhoota ] Akash, Agni, Prithvi, Jal and Vayu. Early Humans learnt to cover himself with leaves ot avoid cold. To avoid rains, he started making huts. Then to avoid cold, he learnt to build  walls. Then to cook and forwarmth he learnt to light fire. With time human learnt ot develop things to suit the environment. And earlier houses were made of mud and  the floor was covered by Cow dung. What cow dung does is that it reduces the gravitational pull. People knew how to build the house to maintain Health, wealth, beauty, strength and stability. House was built keeping in mind all these aspects. But now, we have forgotten to use all thes e parameter because we have started following foreign culture and there style building houses. How is the culture created? Ur environment, eating habits, climate, dressing etc when we copy foreign culture which is tuned to their environment how can it be used to our environment/ It doesn’t suit our environment. Because of Imbalance of panch mahabhuta it affects our thinking, our living adversely.

Eg: if we spend time with +ve person, then we attract that person’s habits. When we enter we get the uneasy feeling. Inspite of hard waork lack of earnings. Misunderstandings on small issues, people suffering from Illness in the house. Inmates always in irritable mood, auspicious ceremonies affected by bad omen, problems during childbirth, adamant and irresponsible children, bad habits, loss in business are some of the indicators that there is Vastu Dosh in the Vastu and it needs to be studied and remedy done.

If there is a Vastu dosh in my house, do I have to break and make changes in my house for remedy ?

Lot of people suffer from this anxiety and fear that the vastu expert will inspect and suggest demolition. Nearly 50% of the people avoid Vastu remedy due to this fear and end up living in the house lifelong suffering from ill affect of Vastu dosh.

Dear friend, I want to educate you on that Vastu Shastra doesn’t mean that VASTU SHAHSTRA means demolition or breakages.

In any field, there are inventions for eg for kidney stones, earlier operation was necessary but now a days laser surgery is possible. Same was in Vastu shastra now without changing any construction we can remove vastu doshas by various therapies like color therapy, dhatu therapy, pyramid therapy, vruksha therapy and most effective one is stone therapy. In these therapies, there is no need to do any structural changes nor u have to spend lot of money and your house can be absolved of vastu dosha’s.

I live in a multi-storey building. I have problems as you have mentioned but I want to know that the people living in flats above and below me having the same directions are also facing the same or is it only me ?

Sometimes what happens is that we are so busy that we do not realize the problems we are facing. So these problems are not necessarily limited to you.  Now a days people do not discuss their problems and therefore we do not know the problems faced by them. Problems exist in other flats too. They may have a different set of problems. In my experience I visited a building where the sewage system was in north middle and I found that entire wing people were suffering from different ailments.