Dr Mahesh Surve the best Astrologer in Mumbai provides, Astro Prediction report which gives you vision of the planets and helps you to grow and succeed in life.


We also recommend you best Color, Gemstone your soul match and much more. We take into consideration all the aspects of your life before preparing the Astro Prediction Report. We also provide in details Astro Report as per your requirement like Health, Wealth, Career & Relationship.

Your Astro Report will consist of different aspects about your Life :-


    • Important suggestions for your existing problems or upcoming problems; you will also discover the Core strength your birth chart carries.


    • You will be guided about the different domains you can get success in life like Health, Finance, Property, Children, Profession and achievements


    • The report also guides you in important Years and valuable future events of your life.


    • Most important you will also learn about the most effective Gemstones, Lucky Colors, and Perfect siting positions, Exclusive mantras which will help you grow in life and attracts good fortune for you.


    • You will also get recommendations on Do’s and Dont’s in your life also you will get current status of your time.


    • Last but not the least you will get most effective Remedies and solutions for all your problems based upon detailed analysis of your Birth Chart.


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