Vastu Expert Dr. Mahesh Surve

Dr. Mahesh Surve has Ph.D. in Vastu Shastra along with Research and studies in Gemology, Jyotish Shastras (Patrika), Numerology, Palmistry, Naturopathy, and Psychology. Due to qualification and vast experience in all these fields, Dr. Mahesh Surve has become one of the Best Vastu Expert and Vastu Consultant. He is able to provide solutions for various problems and situations by using a combination of Shastras.

Due to the growing importance and acceptance of Vastu Shastra, Dr. Mahesh Surve has himself started lecture-based training sessions as weekend training classes in Mumbai and Pune. Dr. Mahesh Surve is also available for training sessions in various cities across the globe through a personal visit or through online mediums. On request, special sessions can be arranged for visiting NRI.

My Vastu Consultants are professionally qualified and highly talented Vastu Experts and Researcher in planning and interior designing. We are specialized Vastu experts and Vastu Consultants in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and overall Maharashtra for Vastu for Homes, Business Offices, Factories, Residential Lands, and Industrial Analysis & Guidance and cater various stages of services in this field. We also help to sort out specific problem in households, offices, factories by suggesting reliable solutions. Our Vastu Services will help you to improve efficiency, enhance productivity and minimize downtime

Concept of Vastu Shastra is based on Solar system. Sunlight and its radiance consists of Ultra Violet and Infra-Red Rays. Seven colors form Rainbow in which Violet means Ultra Violet and Red means Infra-Red, Rest all colors are visible in between these two. Because of these colors, each direction has its own importance, Western scientists did not mention anything about colors like their features, they only named them. But in Indian Vastushastra these seven colors have various names and their own deity. Sun is riding a Chariot which has seven horses (Ashwa). These seven horses (Ashwa) symbolize deities of Power. Seven colors are also called Parjanya, Kashyap, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Brush and Nabhat.