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As a leading Vastu Expert and Vastu Consultant in Mumbai and MaharashtraI try to visit and study each site personally to understand the Vastu Dosh, interacting with people helps us in evaluating the adverse effects of the Vastu Dosh.

My Vastu solutions rarely include any kind of structural changes or demolition. We use very easy and practical methods to make your house Vastu-perfect. We balance your environment so that your productivity maximizes leading to success in your work and personal life.

Vastu Expert Dr. Mahesh Surve

Dr. Mahesh Surve Renowned Vastu & Astro Expert.

Dr. Mahesh Surve is a well-renowned personality in Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Astrology and Corporate Consulting. Best Vastu expert in Mumbai he has more than 15 years of experience. Dr. Mahesh Surve has a Ph.D. in Vastushastra along with research and study in Gemology and other Shastras. He has a diverse portfolio of both commercial and residential clientele. He also provides his knowledge and insight on various topics on many TV channels.


Best Vastu Consultant In Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Maharashtra.

Best Vastu Consultant in Maharashtra



  • When you are purchasing a new house, you should get it checked by a Vastu Expert or Vastu Consultant for positive benefits.
  • If you are constructing a new house or buying a new one, then ensure that the corners are not cut, Ideally, the house should be a perfect square for best Vastu results.
  • There should be no extensions coming out of walls as this creates Vastu Dosha
  • You can check your Home yourself. How? Buy a good compass and stand in the middle of the house and move till the direction of a red needle on compass matches with “N” north of the compass. The direction which the needle is pointing now is the North of your house. For remaining directions and their effect you can study this website for details
  • Take precaution that the middle of the house, should not have any heavy objects like dining table, Chandelier, sofa, etc. There should be no wall in the middle of Vastu [home]. If there are heavy objects in the middle/center, then there are financial problems or the children may have health issues.
  • Rooms in your house should be square or rectangle in shape, and not irregular
  • Any Heavy structure, object, and stairs should be in the South West direction of the house.
  • Rooms should be clean and airy
  • The owner of the office should live in a Vastu perfect house. North east corner of the house should be devoid of Vastu Doshas. Only in such scenario the business will be successful
  • In Office take care that the direction of toilet is in right direction. It should be located in the middle of South and North. Toilet in any other location can lead to business related problems.
  • Whether it’s office, factory, shop, Hotel, care should be taken that the Brahma sthaan [center] should be free of any heavy objects.
  • Production people should be sitting in Agneya [South east] facing either north or east
  • Owner/Director/Chairman should sit in Nairutya [South West] corner facing North, North east or East
  • Accountant should sit in Ishanya [North east] corner
  • Marketing/ Business development people should sit in Vayavya [North west]
  •  Legal/Purchase/Admin/Recovery department people should sit in Agneya [South East] direction.
  •  Entrance should be from North side.
  •  Place water fountain in the North or North East side for prosperity.
  •  There should be open spaces at North and east side compared to West and South
  •  Avoid seating any employees under the beams. If this is unavoidable, cover the beams with a false ceiling.
  •  As per Vastu Boss should sit in south-west facing east or north. West is also permissible but it must not face south.
  • If there is a kitchen/bathroom/WC in the middle of east, then there is a possibility of people suffering from diabetes, Blood Pressure, Joint pains, possibility of abortion etc. To reduce the ill affect, you can paint the wall in maroon.
  • If the WC or Bathroom is in middle of north, then people may suffer from Headache, paralysis, brain haemorrhage etc. OR people will earn lot of money but it will get spent on medical treatments. To reduce the ill affect, you can paint the wall in green.
  • If the Kitchen is in the middle of South, then the women may suffer from Thyroid or throat related illness, joint pains etc. By putting a Blue wall [or color] behind the cooking range, the ill effects of Vastu dosha can be reduced.
  • If there are any cuts in any of the corners, people may suffer from various illnesses. To avoid this copper wire should be used to close the cut.
  • While cleaning the floor, if you add rock salt to water and clean, it will help keep the illnesses away.
  • Face East or North while eating your meal.
  • For peaceful and sound sleep keep mobile phones and any other gadget away from bed.
  • Always sleep with head towards South or East.
  • Cover all the mirrors which are exposed including TV Laptop screens.

Kundali match making36 Gun Milan

Do you ever wondered why we are attracted to particular people or person whereas  another repels us, why there are some marriages that just don’t get along and some couples seem just made for each other. All these answers we can get form the Star’s. Our Kundali match making service helps you to connect with your partner it helps you to connect with just the right person that can be your life partner. We analyze kundali on the basis of Sun Sign, Moon Sign,Lagna, Janam Nakshatra and movement of planets.we are best vastu expert in mumbai

Gemology The Science Of Gems!

Human life is directed by planetary positions. That is why if the gems related to the planets are properly used, then it can yield positive results. In Ayurveda “Bhasm” has been recommended strongly for treatments of physical ailments. Mostly people do not know the value and benefits of Gemology because they are not guided properly. There is a misconception that Gems are expensive so people avoid using Gemology remedies.A particular stone absorbs all kind of solar and cosmic energy and allows a particular type of energy to pass through it and which is then absorbed by the body. If prescribed properly, this actually helps the individual. This restores the balance in him ,and he finds the self-improving

Strengthening Love & Relationships !

Vastu (where we live) influences physical, mental and financial health in various ways. Imbalance in any of these health’s causes problems in relations of the owner of the vastu. It can give positive and negative effect as well. If the couple has bed at south east it can have affect on their health. Obviously there physical relations are not good. And will have many disputes as well. Couple should sleep at south west. It will improve their relationship. get you home checked from vastu expert in mumbai india