For Flats/Bunglows/Offices/Shops

For Flats/Bunglows/Offices/Shops

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Vastu for Home | Office | Marriage | Finance | Health | Career

Vastu for Home | Office | Marriage | Finance | Health | Career

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Online Consultancy by Vastu Expert

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Doctor Mahesh Surve

Doctor Mahesh Surve

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We at Vastudoctor satisfy our clients predicting considering Astrology, Vastushastra, Spiritual Aspects and Numerology. Believing in studying ones aspect like just Astrology, Vastushastra, Spiritual or Numerology cannot accurately predict or read ones fortune minutely. For perfection one has to consider all the above mentioned aspects. So we are mentioning below some numerological study which is only based on general aspects of Date of birth or the Day/ Date of which you are born (i.e. just single digit Date of birth number) for example if you are born on 17th of August 1957 then just consider 17th the birth date. Convert it into single digit i.e. 1+ 7 = 08, then your number is 8 (eight). We have mentioned below readings considering this numbers regarding numerology.

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Effects of Vastu Dosh on Your Home

Main Door of the houseMain Door of the house

Main Door Vastu reflects the vastu of the whole house. As we can find about the person by looking at his face same way the Main door of the house says everything about the house. 1. The main door should be clean, spic and span and eye pleasing 2. Height of the Door should be at least twice the width of the door. It should be minimum 6 to 6.5 ft in height. > Read more

Vastu for BedroomVastu for Bedroom

1. Couples
a. If it’s in north west part of the house, then person sleeping there would be mostly outside the house and that brings gap in relationships and leads marital discontent. And if they sleep in there then the talk’s r mostly centred around finance and that leads to stress.
b. And if the Agneya corner [east south] has some vastu dosh, then there are frequent arguments and may lead to divorce. > Read more

Living RoomLiving Room

In earlier days bathroom and toilet used to be outside of the house but now due to flat system these are inside the flat/house. In these two places water is used more. Jal [water] and Mal [ excreta] get mixed up which affect the Vastu. As Vastu is made of Panch Mahabhuta [ Akash, Agni, Vayu, Jal and Prithvi]. > Read more


Kitchen is the place where Fire is generated and thus lot of gases are produced. And if these gases react with Panch Mahabhuta’s then Vastu dosha is created. Ishanya corner [ North east] Ishanya is the place of God and of santaan laxmi. If the fire is lit in this place then it affects the children. Children’s education faces obstacles and may get discontinued. And if educated, then they may face problems in professional life. There is a possibility of caesarean childbirth for >Read more

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Ask Dr. Mahesh Surve Vastu Shashtra Tips :

What is relation between existing House (Vastu) and Economical condition of the House? Does it affect mentality of person who is living in that house?

Good or bad things in the Vastu affects people who live there. They mainly face following results:

  1. Person did not get any change in his financial condition from beginning to end.
  2. Strong financial condition while living in one Vastu and after shifting in other Vastu it comes down.
  3. Few people climb steps of success one after another when they start living in one Vastu. And suddenly fall off.
  4. Many people go at the top when they start living in a vastu.

Due to lack of knowledge of Vastushastra 80% people did not understand it is because of Vastu dosh. 20% people who are aware of these doshas go for remedies. Read More...

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Naresh Bhoir Buiness Owner
I Was having lot of problems in my business. I saw Doctor Mahesh Surve on TV and liked what he was suggesting as remedies. After visiting us He recommended certain remedies. We implemented them and now my business is doing very well. Thanks Doctor.
Shankutala Marathe Housewife
We Constructed a new house 5 years ago. Within 2 years we started having bad experiences. There were problems in my husbands job. My son fell ill. We had bad crops and lost lot of money. We consulted Doctor Mahesh and he identified certain Vastu Dosh in our property and house. We implemented his remedies 6 months ago and we have seen lot of positive changes in our lives. Thanks Doctor